“Don’t let the facts get in the way of the Truth”

Douglas Dean Johnson at his Mirador site has just shared his research into the Trinity crash and retrieval tale, recently made famous (in ufological circles, anyway) by Vallée’s and Harris’ book (now in two editions) Trinity: the Best Kept Secret.

Readers here will know my judgement of that book and my efforts to retrieve something from its wreckage. Johnson dismantles the case to reveal the big Nothing Burger at its core.

Nevertheless, regardless of the vapidity of the case, its story has now been added to the UFO mythology, a mythology whose truth has nothing to do with questions of fact. It matters not if there ever were a Lear or if Shakespeare got “the facts” wrong about Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, or the English Kings he wrote about; the truth of the plays is of another order. So it is with the countless stories about Flying Saucers, UFOs, and UAP…

Regardless: you can read Johnson’s investigations, here.

3 thoughts on ““Don’t let the facts get in the way of the Truth”

  1. Bryan, I read “Trinity” several months ago, perhaps against my better judgment given that there were some sharply critical reviews, but Vallee co-authored it, and he has been an important contributor to UAP studies for many years. Upon reading it, I ended up in the critical camp. These memories dredged up from 1945? How are we to possibly assess their validity? Much of the book involved general observations about UFO/UAP history, debates, etc. Overall, a disappointing read, a book that Vallee would have been wise to let someone else write.


    1. Mike, a mess it is. My “review” subjects it to a critical glare. At least my attempted recuperation provided the opportunity to stretch my ecriture muscles!


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