I am a scholar and poet based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.IMG_1010

“Skunkworks” is a site dedicated to my musings over the UFO phenomenon, philosophical, sociological, mythological, poetical, and perhaps even “spiritual”, more than its “reality”, ontology or nature. These musings are perhaps best thought of as “fragments” in the sense both of the literary form first developed by the Early German Romantics in The Athenaeum (1798-1800) and in that of those pieces of metal ejected by Flying Saucers or recovered from their reputed crash sites, studied to determine their origin or reverse-engineer their otherworldly technology.

With Susan Palmer, I have published a well-received study of “Flying Saucer Religions”, the most recent version of which is included in The Cambridge Companion to New Religious Movements (eds. Hammer and Rothstein, 2012). An earlier version of the paper can be read here.

As of 2018, I have published three trade editions of poetry. Grand Gnostic Central (1998) and Ladonian Magnitudes (2006) contain explicitly ufological poems; these are related to a chapbook published by Pneuma Press in 1994 On the Phantom Air Ship Mystery, a poetic retelling of the Phantom Airship flap of the late Nineteenth Century, itself part of a larger, epic-length work, tentatively titled Orthoteny.

The site dedicated to my poetic and critical work is Poeta Doctus.

A note concerning posting and discussion: As the concern of this site is the meaning rather than the being of UFOs and related matters, posts intent on debating the nature of the phenomenon or that fall below the level of civil, respectful discourse will be either posted with a notice of their impropriety or summarily trashed.