Skunkworks on Anomaly–Now!

Stephen Miles Lewis has graciously invited us to discuss the recent Limina Inaugural Symposium and related matters this coming Wednesday 22 March 7:00 CST.

You can catch the livestream…

on YouTube, here:

on Facebook livestream, here:

on Twitch, here:

and (probably) on Twitter, here:

I recently reported on Limina’s Inaugural Symposium in a five-part post. The first is an overview of the event, the second concerns historian Greg Eghigian’s keynote address, the third a talk by religious studies scholar Jeffrey Kripal, the fourth the presentation from philosopher Babette Babich, and the fifth a summary of the more scientific presentations given during the remainder of the event and my reflections on the event’s virtues and limitations.

Doubtless, our conversation will be archived on various platforms for later viewing. I’ll share the links when they become available.

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