Robbie Graham. May 9, 1981~Feb 17, 2023

Greg Bishop has shared news of the passing of Robbie Graham.

Though I can’t count Graham among my friends or acquaintances, I do know him as an important author, editor, and publisher in the field. His Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood’s UFO Movies engaged what Greg Eghegian recently termed “the story of the story” of the phenomenon, registering the cultural shockwaves of the UFO experience, here in its cinematic guise. (His theses in the book prompted some reflection on my part, which interested parties can read here). Graham is perhaps as well known as the editor of the groundbreaking collection UFOs: Reframing the Debate.

A most valuable legacy is the many books he published under the auspices of August Night Press and the White Crow Books imprint. The former has issued a number of important collections of “paranthropology” edited by Jack Hunter, two recent volumes by Chris Rutkowski (notably his deep-dive revisiting of the Michalak encounter), and M. J. Banias’ The UFO People: a curious culture. And on White Crow Books’ backlist, one will find, among many other provocative items, John Mack’s Passport to the Cosmos.

I sincerely regret never having had the opportunity to meet or work with him. He and his work in the field will be sorely missed.

4 thoughts on “Robbie Graham. May 9, 1981~Feb 17, 2023

  1. Grievous news. What a loss. I’d been hoping to meet him some day. REFRAMING is among the handful of “must reads” I advise the seriously curious to check out.


  2. Fairwell, sweet prince 😦 There’s a synchronicity here: this week I chose Reframing as an item that I’m finally going to read after endlessly putting it off. I didn’t know about his passing until right now. Silver Screen Saucers is excellent. I’d also suggested to INS after Wednesday’s show that we should have him on as a guest, but sadly that will never happen, though perhaps we could review his work to commemorate it and him. Or perhaps that’s something you and I could do in another video interview, Bryan?


  3. Luis, some commemorative commentary, either by the faculty or you and I is a good idea. I, too, would like and need a chance to re/read both these books, which I’ve had on the shelves some time, too.


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