Skunkworks on Kevin Randle’s “A Different Perspective”

I had the honour and pleasure to be a guest on Kevin Randle’s podcast “A Different Perspective”.

We discussed all the things wrong with History’s Project Blue Book, the uncanny parallels between the Phantom Airship flap of 1896/7 and the post-1947 modern era, all that’s spontaneously literary about the history of UFOs, and the enduring, “hard kernel” of the mystery.

You can hear it all here.

4 thoughts on “Skunkworks on Kevin Randle’s “A Different Perspective”

  1. The two men in the Pascagoula case both wrote books on their abduction. The books were written many years apart and may be available on Amazon. It would be interesting to compare the books..


    1. Yeah! Kevin Randle interviewed Calvin Parker on this same show a while back, and will have him back, soon. My impression is, though I need to confirm it, is that their respective stories have been very consistent all along….

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