Q’ Reveals the Real Secret Space Program

SSP a “Blue Herring”
The Stargate Project:  Swedenborg Protocols
C12H16N2 Spirit Molecule
C12H17N2O4P Spore Drive
Mantids in Hyperspaces
C13H16CINO Lilly’s K-Drive
White Hat ECCO Black Hat SSI
Shaman’s Drum
Soul Torus in visible spectrum
Techniques of the Sacred

8 thoughts on “Q’ Reveals the Real Secret Space Program

  1. Being an avid consumer of the weird and odd, I watched part of a documentary last night about Flat Earth belief and the exponential growth of its popularity. I was astonished at the multitude of followers this bizarre “theory” has captivated, and I would be interested in hearing your take on the phenomenon. Here is a link (it is streaming on Netflix). https://www.behindthecurvefilm.com/


    1. Victoria,

      Being “an avid consumer of the weird and odd” too I viewed the doc the day it came out on Netflix Canada.

      Flat Earthers, like Anti-vaxxers and other likeminded folks, are an interesting and perplexing intersection of the Enlightenment values of democracy and _sapere aude_ (think for yourself) and the deluge of data characteristic of the past twenty years. Such folks avail themselves of the relatively free tuition at Google U then for reasons as psychological as educational (and social?), end up staunchly believing in the irrational positions they do. They are the most recent example of the clash between folk belief and “elite” knowledge, that goes back at least to the days the French knowers in Paris sniffed at the peasant who insisted he’d seen rocks fall into their fields from the sky, a similar clash as that between the UFO witness or experiencer and those in institutional power who refuse to take their claims or more gravely them seriously. So, most acutely, we have here, on the one hand, maybe a reductio ad absurdum of Enlightenment ideals, while, on the other, a very intriguing social phenomenon not without its graver implications. It’s matter that’s been on my mind for decades now, but not one I’ve really been able to come to any sufficiently ripe and happy conclusion about, but which, doubtless, I will, because I have to, address! Quite synchronicitously I’m drafting a post on the relation between institutional and more folk discourses. Thanks for raising the issue.


  2. My husband is urging me to inform you that he believes it is a psychological operation to test the gullibility of the masses while the WWIII agenda is being advanced. As for me, I just don’t know what to make of such a retro belief espoused by so many. Thanks!


    1. I’m less paranoid than your husband, but I do have a post-in-the-works that addresses a similar suspicion around much of the UFO myth, as one used to various ends by intelligence agencies. Given present geopolitics, I have a hard time imagining one or more governments needing to be so cunning in testing the gullibility of their citizens; present tools of propaganda are very highly honed. Surely it is food for thought, though, no matter how funny it might taste!


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