Space/Time: a temporally entangled addendum to “…our Descent to Eaarth”

I was reminded that just a year ago I had read this opinion piece by William B. Gail, a founder of the Global Weather Corporation, a past president of the American Meteorological Society, and the author of Climate Conundrums: What the Climate Debate Reveals About Us.

In it, Gail proposes that the ways the climate has and will continue to change from the patterns that nurtured civilization during the Holocene render the earth unrecognizable, requiring that our descendants along with those of all the other plant and animal species must learn to inhabit a radically different planet whose climactic patterns have not only changed but become chaotic and unpredictable. Gail’s speculations here are one might say “temporally entangled” with those I set out in “The Anthropocene as the Beginning of our Descent to Eaarth”.

I share them here for those for whom the more poetic logic of my own recent post might be too wild and who might find Gail’s more down-to-earth musings more grounded.